Twitter fiction

140-character stories about how technology affects life – #vss.

This cheap red wine tasted like an old Mac taken out of the acid. “Love the taste, it’s so sophisticated!” #vss

She kissed him before they left the cottage. It was the last kiss before the last selfie before the last storm on Earth. #vss

“What you are doing?” Bill was really angry with his self-driving car. “Shut up, I’m pulling over to make a selfie.” #vss

51% of her body was now artificial. “Am I a robot now?” “I know a woman who’s only 7% natural. You have to try harder.” #vss

The update of Pamela’s favorite chat app was not coming for three weeks. She started to panic. #vss

Hey, the battery in the Kindle Desert lasts three years! – What? You want me to wait so long to buy the next-gen? #vss

“Boss, I confirm, the passwords have leaked again,” the security manager was almost crying. “Introduce 15-step authentication, now!” #vss

By the age of thirty, Ron managed to replace most of his organs with longer-lasting implants. “The liver is still mine, unfortunately.” #vss

“Special forces?” the officer looked at Justin, puzzled. “We don’t recruit humans to special forces any longer, don’t you know that?” #vss

He broke his Google Glass and was no longer able to check if she still loved him. “Do you love me?” “I don’t know, I lost my Glass.” #vss