Twitter fiction

140-character stories about how technology affects life – #vss.

He was looking like his only problem in life was the speed of the internet connection. “And mine, too.” “And mine.” “And mine.” #vss

“Grand grand grand grandpa, how do you feel today?” “Great, just like 100 years ago!” “Damn it.” #vss

The smartwatch woke him up in the middle of the night. “Hey, I don’t want to be tedious, but do you know where is my charger?” #vss

Jim had five smart watches, two on the left and three on the right arm. “I need the new one to bulk-control them all.” #vss

“Hi, Al! How are you doing?” “I don’t feel like talking. Can we exchange our brain memory modules, instead?” #vss

The doctor was looking at Fred carefully. “I will disconnect you from the web for 3 minutes. Don’t try to hit me this time.” #vss

They were missing each other. But most of all, they were missing each other’s tablets. #vss

For the first time in history nobody noticed that Twitter had changed the shape of the arrows in the retweet button. “I did!” #vss

“Tell me a good story, dad.” “All good stories were told long ago. Now everyone tries to tell good SEO.” #vss

“Do you love me? For real? More than your selfie?” “You want me to make a selfie with you?” #vss