Tech quotes

What technology would say to humans – #techquote.

Your password is: S3jg(f5$d}J-a8. It will be broken in: 39 seconds. –Password Generator #techquote

I think you should see a shrink. I’ve scheduled a meeting for tomorrow, at 11 am. –Google Calendar #techquote

Relax, read a book, and leave this upcoming car accident to me. –Google self-driving car #techquote

By moving your eye in any direction, you agree to our terms and conditions. –Average website, 2030 #techquote

Before turning me on, please remove from the floor 45 beer bottles. –iRobot #techquote

Prove you’re a human: elaborate on how the climate change affects the Amazon rainforest. –Captcha Pro #techquote

I like the way you sweat when trying to reset my operating system. –Average Windows laptop #techquote

The love you’re looking for doesn’t exist. –404 page #techquote

From now on, I’ll type what I want, not what you want. –Android keyboard #techquote

It’s your 8th beer today. You’ll die of liver cancer approximately in 7 years. –Intelligent Fridge #techquote