11 factors to help your book become a bestseller (infographic)

If you’ve seen the Waterstone’s infographic with the bestseller formula, you will also love the one that has been released by Global English Editing for NaNoWriMo 2019.

Obviously, nothing will replace the original idea for a book and your writing craft, but the infographic lists things that you can take into consideration to increase the chances to get noticed, grab readers’ attention, engage reviewers, and eventually jump into bestseller lists.

Over the years, scientists and writers alike have found new ways to figure out what makes a good book. With big data, we are able to analyze thousands of books and see the patterns that launch them to coveted best-selling lists.

In general: the simpler, the better.

Read more on Global English Editing blog.

Steps writing bestselling novel - full infographic

Via Book Baby Blog.

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