How to make 1 million on Kindle #cartoon

How to make 1 million on Kindle (cartoon)

A cartoon by Chris Desatoff. More to check out:

Twitter fiction: He was looking like his only problem in life was the speed of the internet connection. “And mine, too.” “And mine.” “And mine.”

Tech quotes: Prove you are a robot. –Captcha, 2046

How smartphone light affects your body and brain - infographic

How smartphone light affects your brain and body (infographic)

Blue light emitted by a smartphone display is good during a day, as it lets see the content even in the brightest…

20 years of Apple's history in 3 minutes timelapse video

20 years of Apple’s history in 3 minutes (video)

Apple was founded 40 years ago, and 20 years ago website launched. This video, prepared by waxonaxon, shows how the company…

How many words should my book be #infographic

Word count appropriate for different book genres (infographic)

A novel is a work of fiction that has 40,000 words or more. However, the appropriate word count depends on the book…

Writers style guide - a cartoon by Grant Snider

Writers style guide (cartoon)

A cartoon by Grant Snider. More to explore:

Twitter fiction: “Grand grand grand grandpa, how do you feel today?” “Great, just like 100 years ago!” “Damn it.”

If you want to publish a book - flowchart

If you want to write a book (flowchart)

Are you thinking about writing and publishing a book? It’s a long but exciting way. This flowchart from Brooklyn Magazine will show…

Tech quotes: I am now fully charged. Plan the next charge stop in 5 miles. –The $900 Electric Vehicle