iPad vs iPhone – size comparison (pictures)

If you ever wanted to see what “giant iPhone” means, here is a size comparison.

E-reading applications are visualized on purpose. In my opinion the best thing about iPhone and iPad is their ability to bring coolness of reading to a  digital world.

I used screenshots of the following applications:
:. iPhone – Eucalyptus. It has a beautiful paper-like feeling. The font size is comparable to the one of a typical print book. It reads very well, I tell you that, I read on an iPhone for more than a year.
:. iPad – one of the first available screenshots of iBooks. I don’t know how about you, but the book canvas seems too large as well as a font. I’ll be one of those folks to read the books in horizontal view.

When it comes to reading, people are usually complaining about the size of an iPhone. What I ask myself is not whether iPhone is too small, but whether iPad is too big.

Click on image to enlarge and download.



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