How to Install Hootlet in iPad’s Safari

I’m a big fan of Hootsuite and when my iPad arrived I wanted to check how much of the Hootworld can be used on a new device.

After a couple of days I can say that one of iPad’s killing apps is Safari. It’s stunningly fast and reliable. On the other hand what is still missing are easy tools to share stuff found on the web.
Luckily I googled a great post by Chris Bray with tips to use various bookmarklets in Safari. The idea is to copy a piece of javascript code into a bookmark’s address. I followed the instructions and did the same thing with Hootlet.

There are two alternative ways to do it:

Option 1

1. Go to this page in iPad’s Safari ( you can type this link: – “I” stands for Irene) and bookmark it – tap “+” in the top bar.

2. Copy to clipboard this piece of javascript code . Be sure to select just this ONE line of text:


3. Open your bookmark tab and edit a new bookmark: change the name and paste the code into the address field (see picture).

4. Done. You can move Hootlet into a Bookmarks Bar so that it will be available in just one tap.

Option 2

This is the way I did it – used my Gmail accounts.

1. Go to your Hootlet bookmarklet in Firefox, open “Properties” and copy javascript from the address field.

2. Send it via mail, open the message in iPad Safari and copy the code to clipboard.

3. The rest is the same.

With this method a Hootlet box opens in a new window. It means everything is large and there is no problem with spotting the right thing on a screen. After sending a tweet the window is closing and we’re back where we were before.

And here is and extra benefit – Hootlet bookmark can be used as an instant Twitter updater. You don’t have to leave Safari to share your thoughts. Tap on a bookmark any time you want and start to write – just remember to remove the link.



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