How to Read Adobe DRM Books on Your iPad or iPhone

So far if you wanted to read a book bought at one of the e-bookstores, you had to open in with a dedicated application. But there are many e-bookstores from markets other than US (which is my example), which don’t have an app yet.

How to read their books, if you have an iPad and don’t want to buy a connected e-reader?

A problem can be solved by a new application, available in the AppStore – Bluefire Reader. You can open ePub or pdf books – either DRM-free or protected with Adobe CS4.

There is a growing number of e-bookstores which use Adobe system to protect their books, naming only Kobo, Barnes&Noble or Sony EBookstore – and many other e-bookstores in different countries. You can handle them all with this single application.

Here’s how you can do it.

1. Download and authorize Adobe Digital Editions

If you don’t have Digital Editions, an Adobe application to handle e-books on your computer, download it from here. Then go to this page and get your Adobe ID. It’s simple, just sign in with your e-mail and password. Then go to Digital Editions again and authorize it with new Adobe ID credentials. Since that time any book added to this application is associated with this specific Adobe ID number.

2. Download and authorize Bluefire Reader

Go to AppStore and download Bluefire Reader. When you open the app, you’ll be asked to authorize it. Fill in your Adobe ID. Important: the ID for your Adobe Digital Editions and Bluefire Reader has to be the same.

3. Buy a book and download it to Digital Editions

Before you buy a book, check whether your e-bookstore is using Adobe DRM system. If yes, download a book to your computer or open directly with Adobe Digital Editions.

Now here is the most important part: the books protected with Adobe are stored in a special folder on your computer – you have to find it. Use search tool to locate “Digital Editions” folder. On a Mac computer the path is: User/Documents/Digital Editions/…

4. Add a file to Bluefire Reader

When you locate the right file, which is usually named with a title of a book, you can add it to Bluefire using one of those three ways.

Below there is screenshot of how a book bought at Kobo looks in Bluefire Reader.



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