How to Read Adobe DRM Books on Your Android Device

Are looking for a convenient way to manage and read on your Android device all ePub books including those with Adobe DRM? Pick up one single application – Aldiko.

First, let me answer the question you may now have: “why would I do it?”

There are a couple of instances you’ll need such a solution:

1. Your favorite e-bookstore doesn’t have a dedicated application. There any many great sites, independent bookstores among them, you would love to buy e-books from. Check in their FAQ section if they use DRM, if yes, which type.

Many national e-bookstores around the world use DRM from Adobe as this is more convenient and less expensive way than developing a native DRM system.

2. You’ve bought an Android device and want to move your e-books there. So far you were using Adobe Digital Editions to read and manage your e-book library. They were downloaded from several sites, some of them could be DRM-ed.

3. You want to collect e-books from different e-bookstores in one application. You want to have freedom in which books, at which price and in which e-bookstore.

Surely you can use e-reading apps from Barnes & Noble, Kobo or Sony eBookstore. They are available at Android Market. Sometimes it might just happen that you don’t remember at which e-bookstore you bought a book you want to read.

Let’s imagine you want to move an e-book library from your desktop computer to your new tablet. Here’s what you have to do.

1. Download Adobe Digital Editions and authorize it with your Adobe ID

If you haven’t used Adobe Digital Editions to handle e-books on your computer, download it from here. Make sure to authorize your computer with your Adobe ID number. Go to Library » Authorize Computer… and type in your e-mail address and password.

If you used Adobe Digital Editions before, but didn’t authorize the computer yet, do it now. All e-books downloaded to this computer should be associated with your unique Adobe ID.

You can get your Adobe ID on this page.

2. Download Aldiko to your Android device and authorize it with the same Adobe ID

Download Aldiko from Android Market. In the application, go to General Settings, tap on Adobe DRM and type in your e-mail address and password.

3. Copy e-book files to SD card and open them in Aldiko

If you were downloading e-book files to your authorized Adobe Digital Editions, go to any book and open Item Info. You’ll see File path – it’s where all Adobe authorized files are stored on your computer. Copy them to your SD card. Use a file manager application on your Android (for instance Astro) to locate files on SD card. Tap on any file to open it in Aldiko .

If your haven’t authorized your e-books before, you have to download them again from your e-bookstore’s online bookshelf. I know it might be a pain, but instead of opening e-books in Adobe Digital Editions, you can download them to desktop (they will appear as .acsm files) and copy to SD card.

• • •

There are more Android applications, which support Adobe DRM. You can check for instance Txtr, but in my opinion Aldiko is the best choice, allowing you not only to add your own books, but to buy them inside an app from a growing number of distributors, including O’Reilly, Feedbooks, Smashwords and All Romance.

A list of major e-bookstores, applications and devices, which use Adobe DRM system is available here. Read also this great article about Aldiko at Dear Author.



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