Use Instapaper to Create a Book With a Collection of Your Favourite Online Reading

This is another post designed to make digital reading easier and more comfortable. As usual I’ll try to highlight the existing benefit most of us are not aware of.

If you read a lot of articles online, but would love to move them into a less distracting, offline space, a solution to try (if you haven’t yet) is Instapaper. Like other read-later services it stores your saved articles on its server.

When being still connected to the Internet you can sync an Instapaper application on your device (like iPhone or iPad) with your account. All the content will be downloaded and that means: available for offline reading.

But there is one more thing Instapaper did to move reading one step closer to a book-like feeling. The content stored at your account can be downloaded to Kindle or as an ePub file.

Go to web account and organize your sources. I’ve created a separate folder with my favourite to-read flash fiction, where I collect stories published at Fictionaut and shared on Twitter by #FridayFlash authors. When you open a folder, find a “download” panel on the right side (see Picture 1) and click the preferred method of download.

If you doubt about formatting, Picture 2 shows how the file looks when opened in Adobe Digital Editions.

My e-reading device is the iPad, so I download the content as an ePub file. Then the only thing to do is to add a book to Stanza via Dropbox.

Picture 1 - click to enlarge

Picture 2 - click to enlarge



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