Two Cool-er reviews: which one is cooler? (video)

cool-erNew eReading devices are crowding into the e-book world. Just a couple of days ago Borders UK have announced their Elonex. The thing is that Elonex is a step backwards comparing to the eReader which is on my mind since I first saw it – Cool-er. Even without a clear (and actually unnecessary) suggestion from a name, this single device can change the way we look at reading – from a boring and old-fashioned habit to a new way of showing your lifestyle.

Is reading a part of a lifestyle? – you’re asking. For me – yes. Just as mp3s are not only about listening to music or cell phones not only about calling. It’s great that somebody wants to bring coolness to reading. And as we, consumers, are asked to verify the coolness of a device, it’s good to look at what professionals want us to say about it, before we make our own mind. To make you curious I can only say, that those two films are totally different in evaluation of the device.

However, the nicest thing for me is that, when watching any of those clips, I was not only looking for product info like battery life, connectivity, weight, size, etc. On top of that I was asking myself a question – “is it cool enough?” Is this review cool enough to be convincing? Good job, Cool-er.


David Pogue

The Gadget Inspectors



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