Digital stories

So, what are your New Year resolutions, sir? Never mind, 99% of them will never be met. –Siri #techquote

To use my advanced features, you have to move 358% faster. –GoPro action camera #techquote

I won’t show you the time unless you tell me whether you are going to call that girl you’ve just met. –Apple Watch 7 #techquote

Don’t press too hard, you moron. –Force Touch #techquote

He was looking like his only problem in life was the speed of the internet connection. “And mine, too.” “And mine.” “And mine.” #vss

Prove you are a robot. –Captcha, 2046 #techquote

“Grand grand grand grandpa, how do you feel today?” “Great, just like 100 years ago!” “Damn it.” #vss

I am now fully charged. Plan the next charge stop in 5 miles. –The $900 Electric Vehicle #techquote

I will live on one battery longer than you. Wanna bet? –15th generation Kindle #techquote

You can have the iPhone in every color on condition it’s Rose Gold. –Apple #techquote