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Why do so many people still need to manage ebooks as classic files?

Why do so many people so eagerly want to deal with “classic” ebook files? Do they need to be assured these files are worth something?

Steps writing bestselling novel - full infographic

11 factors to help your book become a bestseller (infographic)

If you’ve seen the Waterstone’s infographic with the bestseller formula, you will also love the one that has been released by Global…

Marvin 3 is a dream iPad and iPhone app for power readers

Marvin 3 is a dream iPad app for power readers

Top places in the Books category of Apple iTunes App Store are occupied by free apps from major ebookstores, such as Kindle,…

Book reading habits in the U.S. in 2018 - audiobooks account for 18%

The share of Americans who listen to audiobooks has increased to 18%

According to a new Pew Research Center survey on reading habits, audiobooks are a book format that enjoyed the biggest growth since…

Evolution of the Kindle - infographic

Evolution of the Kindle (infographic)

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Kindle, I’ve designed an infographic that takes a look at the most important events in…

Adobe DRM in ebooks explained #infographic

6 features of ebooks that have Adobe DRM (infographic)

Publishers and ebook distribution platforms use various types of DRM, and this infographic from Sheridan explains what the DRM solution offered by…

Pew Research: in which formats Americans read book - chart

Pew Research: print books are twice as popular as ebooks

According to the new report by Pew Research Center – Book Reading 2016 – 73% of Americans have read at least one…

The anatomy of a best-selling book #infographic

What factors determine a success of a book? (infographic)

Anyone who’s involved in a process of creating a book, not only its author, hopes that the book will become a bestseller.…

Six kinds of plots in every book and movie (picture)

There are just six kinds of plots in every book

Daily Mail shares the results of the study based on the analysis of over 1,700 books from Project Gutenberg. Researchers used sentiment…

10 steps to Kindle self-publishing #infographic

10 steps to Kindle self-publishing (infographic)

Are you thinking about self-publishing a book? A self-publishing platform operated by Amazon – Kindle Direct Publishing – is one of the…