What do copywriters do visual guide

What does a copywriter do nowadays? (infographic)

A life of a modern copywriter no longer resembles that of a legendary adman David Ogilvy.

iA Writer force sync via built-in Files app

How to force sync iA Writer with iCloud (tested)

In the Library view, use “Open…” option to load a built-in file manager powered by iCloud.

White Kindle Paperwhite visualization - white front

White Kindle Paperwhite visualizations

To see how the white Kindle Paperwhite would look like, and discuss why it hasn’t been launched yet, I’ve prepared a simple visualization showing two possible variants – with the white vs. black front.

White Kindle Paperwhite visualization - white compared to black front

Why is there still no white Kindle Paperwhite?

What is keeping Amazon from launching the white Paperwhite? This particular model, with a paper-like display being a part of its identification, is most suitable to come in 100% white and look like an opened page of a paper book.

Little things to boost your creativity

16 little things to boost your creativity (infographic)

According to a global study, more than 75% of people feel that their countries are not living up to their collective potential to be creative.

One Fire HD 8 that should be used in iPad

One Amazon Fire HD 8 feature I’d like to see in the iPad

It’s surprising that other tablet producers haven’t introduced it yet.

iPad or Fire - compare platforms not specs

Amazon Fire or Apple iPad? Don’t compare specs, compare platforms

Every time a new tablet model is released, many users start looking for side-by-side charts that would help them compare full tech…

Best free tools to improve writing

25 free tools to immediately improve your writing (infographic)

Wikibuy has recently released an infographic that’s a quick and handy visual overview of the best writing apps and tools you can…

Read this before you buy original iPad cover again

When you buy original accessory for a tablet or smartphone (no matter whether it’s from Apple, Samsung, Google or any other brand),…

Why do so many people still need to manage ebooks as classic files?

When you want to bring your Kindle, Kobo, or Nook books to the tablet or smartphone, the easiest way is to download…