If you want to publish a book - flowchart

If you want to write a book (flowchart)

Are you thinking about writing and publishing a book? It’s a long but exciting way. This flowchart from Brooklyn Magazine will show…

Bad writing - a cartoon by Tom Gauld

Getting your horrible book published (cartoon)

A cartoon by Tom Gauld. More to explore:

5 truths about book launches #infographic

5 truths about book launches (infographic)

Tim Grahl says the hardest part about writing a book isn’t writing it… it’s launching it. The infographic shows it’s true. More…

The history of modern advertising #infographic

The timeline of advertising (infographic)

The infographic created by Above All Advertising brings together the facts that were milestones in shaping advertising business of today. Back in…

How technology is ruining your mind #infographic

How technology is ruining your mind (infographic)

From an IT support platform Conosco comes an infographic that shows deep disadvantages of constant exposure to technology. The thing is not…

Adobe DRM in ebooks explained #infographic

6 features of ebooks that have Adobe DRM (infographic)

Publishers and ebook distribution platforms use various types of DRM, and this infographic from Sheridan explains what the DRM solution offered by…

55 interesting facts you may not know about Google #infographic

55 facts you may not know about Google (infographic)

Did you know 21 out of the 100 top websites in the US are owned by Google? Every day, Google serves 3.5…

Kobo Aura 2016 vs Kobo Glo HD vs Kindle Paperwhite - comparison

Kobo Aura 2016 vs. Kobo Glo HD vs. Kindle Paperwhite (comparison)

Check out a comparison table of the three front light e-readers. The new Kobo Aura Edition 2 (2016) has the same price…

iPhone of the future video thumb

What the iPhone of the future will look like (video)

Mashable has recently added a new hilarious video to their Watercooler YouTube channel. The removal of the headphone jacks in the iPhone…

Commonly misuderstood words and phrases #infographic

33 commonly misunderstood words and phrases (infographic)

Online grammar editing tool Grammar Check releases from time to time an interesting infographic that covers most important language issues. Check out…