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Top 5 gadgets announced on CES 2018 #infographic

Top 5 gadgets of 2018 (infographic)

A lot of new gadgets were announced at this year’s CES, and Interquest has created an infographic that puts together the most…

A timeline of future technology #infographic

A timeline of future technology (infographic)

Exciting things to come in a single list! An infographic from Futurism includes future technologies that are likely to be launched before…

Why do gadgets prevent you from sleep #infographic

Why do gadgets cause you have trouble sleeping (infographic)

Two-thirds of Americans report they don’t have enough sleep. It turns out it’s the technology to be one of the reasons. Webpage…

Writing retreats #infographic

Writing retreats of famous authors (infographic)

M2M Blinds UK has created a nice infographic that looks into the writing retreats of thirteen famous authors, including J. K. Rowling,…

A candle for writer's block

A candle for writer’s block smells like…

Whiskey River Soap Co. offers on Amazon a cool-looking scented candle for writer’s block. The label says “smells like refrigerated ideas and…

How to make 1 million on Kindle #cartoon

How to make 1 million on Kindle (cartoon)

A cartoon by Chris Desatoff. More to check out:

How smartphone light affects your body and brain - infographic

How smartphone light affects your brain and body (infographic)

Blue light emitted by a smartphone display is good during a day, as it lets see the content even in the brightest…

20 years of Apple's history in 3 minutes timelapse video

20 years of Apple’s history in 3 minutes (video)

Apple was founded 40 years ago, and 20 years ago website launched. This video, prepared by waxonaxon, shows how the company…

Writers style guide - a cartoon by Grant Snider

Writers style guide (cartoon)

A cartoon by Grant Snider. More to explore:

Bad writing - a cartoon by Tom Gauld

Getting your horrible book published (cartoon)

A cartoon by Tom Gauld. More to explore: