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Hotspot Poet transmits poetry by changing the name of Wi-Fi channel

Media artist brings poetry to Wi-Fi network names

Russian media artist Dmitry Morozov has created a project called Hotspot Poets, thanks to which you can read poetry on a list…

Ebook downloads to smartphones on the rise

Ebook downloads to smartphones on the rise, at the expense of e-readers and tablets

Nielsen has just released the 2015 US Book Industry Review. The most important part of the report shows on which devices people…

15 ways to create a book title #infographic

15 ways to coin a successful book title (infographic)

Finding the proper title is one of the most challenging tasks the writer faces in the process of writing a book. Should…

Google unprintable digital books

“Unprintable” interactive digital books from Google

Google Australia has come up with an experimental project called Editions At Play, aimed at exploring the potential of digital books. The…

Self-publishing - artwork for Half Letter Press by Kione Kochi - picture 1

Self-publishing at the museum of modern art!

Yesterday, I was with my family at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Imagine how amazed I was when I saw…

The stages of writing a book #linfographic

How an author feels when writing a book (infographic)

Author Michelle Griep has created this infographic when working on her novella “The End”. I’m sure many authors share the same emotions…

Seven things writers should know #infographic

Seven things writers should know (infographic)

Author and speaker Jamie Arpin-Ricci has just published am infographic with a list of seven major things every writer has to keep…

The world’s biggest bookstore will soon be opened in Tehran

The largest bookstore in the world will be opened in two months in Iran. Sputnik News reports that the building will have…

Pew Research - use of libraries

44% of Americans say they went to a library in the past 12 months

Pew Research Center has just released a detailed report on libraries and learning in the US. 76% of the respondents say that…

The Three Sarah Lotz animated book cover

Animated book covers are a great book marketing tool

In digital times, where most of readers’ activity is focused on the web, animated book covers should be quickly and naturally embraced by book marketing.