About the Blog

If you are a reader looking for new ways to experience books (and tips how to do it) or a self-publisher trying to improve the way you write and promote books, you may find Password Incorrect interesting.

The blog’s niche is sharing tips and ideas on how technology could enhance reading and writing in digital times. In many cases it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s like typing a password. You think you know it and every time you have to type again, you’re less and less sure about it.

Let the author of this blog test all the wrong passwords so that you can eventually pick up the correct one.

New posts are published once or twice a week. If you want to keep up with what’s new, get free updates via RSS feed.

About the Author

Password Incorrect is written by Piotr Kowalczyk – a self-publisher, iPhone artist and mobile technology expert from Poland. He’s also a copywriter with almost 17 years of experience in advertising.

His self-published books were downloaded across the web more than 100,000 times. In January 2011 he founded Ebook Friendly – a site where readers can discover and buy e-books in a distraction-free environment.

Contact the author for public speaking, freelance design and copywriting, marketing consultancy or with any other question you have. Send an e-mail to piotr [at] passwordincorrect [dot] com or a message on Twitter.

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About the Books

If you are a geek looking for new literature genres, check those books self-published by Kowalczyk under a pen name Nick Name.

Password Incorrect - Nick NamePassword Incorrect

Geek Fiction Stories Vol. 1/2
PRICE: $0.99
A first volume of a tech-absurd short story collection. Designed to be a perfect mobile reading for geeks, who sometimes feel the need to recover from tech-related stress. In a book you’ll find 20 stories, which can help you redefine “absurd” from “being ridiculous” to “being funny”. Bonus: 10 best hashtagstories – author’s original Twitter microfiction format.
Buy a book at: Amazon | Barnes&Noble | Smashwords

Failure Confirmed - Nick NameFailure Confirmed

Geek Fiction Stories Vol. 2/2
PRICE: $0.99
Volume 2 of a tech-absurd collection. 20 new stories, 10 new hashtagstories. All of them proving, that life can be exciting even if you’re not taking part in an expedition to North Pole or enjoying parties on Ibiza. A full adrenaline is guaranteed if you have a shiny laptop which is about to say: “Fatal error: Call to a member function loadObject() on line 666”.
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Password Incorrect - free edition - Nick NamePassword Incorrect

25 stories from Password Incorrect and Failure Confirmed in a special free edition.
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VSS Anthology Vol. 1VSS Anthology Vol. 1

Everyday hundreds of 140-character (or less) stories are posted to Twitter. This is a collection of just a few. # is a hashtag—an identifying marker—allowing users on social networking services to separate out and/or convey certain messages to other users utilizing the same markers. ‘VSS’ stands for ‘very short story’. The #VSS Anthology contains over 150 stories by 37 authors.
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Hashtagstories Vol. 1 - Nick NameHashtagstories Vol. 1

Hashtagstories are Twitter-based literary pieces, written as a sequence of current trendy #hashtags.
25 stories selected for this book were created from May to August 2009, or in other words – around a first DDoS attack on Twitter.
My dream is to make #hashtagstory a literary memoir of social media trends.
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