The writer's retreat - cartoon

A perfect place for writing (cartoon)

A cartoon by Grant Snider hilariously describes how a perfect place for writing books should look like. Via Bibliocrunch. More to explore:

How we read online content #infographic

How people read content online (infographic)

Warsaw-based media monitoring company Boost the News has prepared an interesting infographic that shows 6 facts about reading online content. 55% of…

Facts and numbers abour the internet #infographic

Facts and numbers about the internet you didn’t know about (infographic)

In one second, 22 WordPress and 1,160 Tumblr posts are being created, more than 3 million Google searches are performed, and 122,373…

Graphic design trends 2016 - spring summer - full infographic

Graphic design trends for 2016 – colors, fonts, icons (infographic)

Are you thinking about redesigning your blog or creating a new infographic? Take a look at what Design Mantic recommends in Graphic…

Netflix vs reading #chart

People watch Netflix five times longer than read books

Cord Cutting has released a chart that shows that on average, people spend 100 minutes a day on watching Netflix. On the…

15 ways to create a book title #infographic

15 ways to coin a successful book title (infographic)

Finding the proper title is one of the most challenging tasks the writer faces in the process of writing a book. Should…

Game of Thrones at an ad agency - copywriter

If “Game Of Thrones” characters worked at an ad agency (pictures)

If Tyrion Lannister would have to take a job at an advertising agency, what position would he be most suitable for? An…

Google unprintable digital books

“Unprintable” interactive digital books from Google

Google Australia has come up with an experimental project called Editions At Play, aimed at exploring the potential of digital books. The…

How to avoid computer vision syndrome - full infographic

How to avoid computer vision syndrome (infographic)

Frames Direct has created an infographic that describes the threats of sitting too long in front of a computer screen. Sitting for…

Graphic Presentation by Willard Cope Brinton - pages 162-163

A classic 1939 book on graphic presentations is full of infographic ideas

Nathan Yau from Flowing Data has discovered that a classic book about data visualization is available as a free download on Internet…