Writing retreats #infographic

Writing retreats of famous authors (infographic)

M2M Blinds UK has created a nice infographic that looks into the writing retreats of thirteen famous authors, including J. K. Rowling,…

7 steps to creating a book cover design that sells #infographic

7 steps to creating a book cover that sells (infographic)

Reedsy has just released an infographic that guides through the process of creating a book cover. It’s helpful not only for self-publishers…

Don't kill your creativity #infographic

Don’t kill your creativity (infographic)

There are a lot of tips how to awaken the creativity, but trying to avoid what kills is even more important. The…

21 ways to unlock creative genius #infographic

21 ways to unlock creative genius (infographic)

Visual storytelling agency Lemonly has created for Enterpreneur an infographic that lists ways to get inspired and reveal the true creative genius.…

A candle for writer's block

A candle for writer’s block smells like…

Whiskey River Soap Co. offers on Amazon a cool-looking scented candle for writer’s block. The label says “smells like refrigerated ideas and…

How to make 1 million on Kindle #cartoon

How to make 1 million on Kindle (cartoon)

A cartoon by Chris Desatoff. More to check out:

How smartphone light affects your body and brain - infographic

How smartphone light affects your brain and body (infographic)

Blue light emitted by a smartphone display is good during a day, as it lets see the content even in the brightest…

20 years of Apple's history in 3 minutes timelapse video

20 years of Apple’s history in 3 minutes (video)

Apple was founded 40 years ago, and 20 years ago Apple.com website launched. This video, prepared by waxonaxon, shows how the company…

How many words should my book be #infographic

Word count appropriate for different book genres (infographic)

A novel is a work of fiction that has 40,000 words or more. However, the appropriate word count depends on the book…

Writers style guide - a cartoon by Grant Snider

Writers style guide (cartoon)

A cartoon by Grant Snider. More to explore: